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Employee Awards

Employees of the Quarter

Employee of the 4th Quarter – 2023

Jennifer Eitzmann, Ultrasound Technologist

Jennifer consistently provides her patients with the highest level of care possible. She handles even the most stressful situations with grace, completing her tasks promptly and always with a smile on her face.

Employee of the 3rd Quarter – 2023

Krista Tatro, Clinical Informatics Analyst 

Krista is always willing to help and she does so with a smile on her face. If Krista is unable to help right away she works on the problem until it is solved. She is an asset to the Brodstone family by not only doing her job well but doing it with gusto!

Employee of the 2nd Quarter – 2023

Suzanne Duncan, Director of Nutrition Services 

Suzanne continually goes above and beyond to help others. She is always willing to step up and offer help to anyone that needs it and she is always looking out for the betterment of Brodstone. 

Employee of the 1st Quarter – 2023

Veronica Soto, Environmental Services Tech

Veronica is living the Brodstone vision by always being positive and having a smile on her face every time I see her, which I know patients see and appreciate because her smile and positivity could easily lift someone up that might be having a down day. Veronica is caring because she is always willing to lend a helping hand where needed and she is also reliable because she gets her work done and helps where needed when she is done with her tasks.

Employee of the Year – 2022

Spencer Trapp - Physical Therapist

Spencer is caring and attentive to his patients. He always seems to be in a cheerful mood which helps bring others moods up. If Spencer has a bad day, he does not display this to others. He is incredibly helpful to his co-workers and is a joy to be around. Spencer volunteers his free time to help the hospital in the off campus events.