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About Brodstone Healthcare

Brodstone Healthcare is the trusted, regional healthcare choice–offering a broad spectrum of medical options, accessible resources, specialty services, and timely clinical care. We work proficiently and compassionately toward the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of illnesses and conditions impacting the people and communities we serve.

At Brodstone Healthcare, we are rooted in rich history and community support. Our history is a part of who we are and sets the foundation for where we want to go in the future. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and strong Foundation support creates stability and opportunities to expand services and program longevity. 



Brodstone is committed to bringing exceptional care to our patients and their families by recruiting, hiring, and developing the very best healthcare team in the region. Providing exceptional and progressive healthcare to the communities we serve is foundational in every aspect of our organization. Our team is competent, compassionate, and caring. We put our patients first and advocate for their needs because we are more than a hospital; we are a family of professionals focused on providing high-quality healthcare.


We are a vital part of our communities, offering advanced healthcare services from a team of experts–all close to home. We believe affordable, quality care should be available to anyone seeking medical services. Our invaluable clinics expand our reach by offering convenient, accessible healthcare, including preventative and proactive medical treatment options. We are responsive to the growing needs of the communities we serve by continually expanding our services and promoting hands-on education opportunities.


We understand the needs of the communities we serve. Brodstone offers comprehensive healthcare through our 25-bed hospital, outreach clinics, and traveling specialists in family care, surgery, orthopedics, physical/speech/occupational therapy, ENT, urology, pain medicine, infectious disease, wound care, podiatry, and more. We employ the largest number of specialty providers in our region. Our proactive approach to healthcare inspires us to add services and preventative wellness opportunities regularly. Promoting complete health and wellness is imperative for serving generations to come.


Our team at Brodstone is devoted to delivering the highest quality patient care available. We treat our patients with dignity and compassion as integrity embodies our daily work to help us fulfill our mission. We strive to provide exceptional customer service from admission to discharge. Quality patient care begins with establishing a trusted relationship. You will find us building relationships within our communities by donating time, resources, and numerous volunteer hours to support local causes and organizations. We value honesty, sensitivity, and a commitment to progressive healthcare.

"Having used Brodstone Healthcare over the past 40 years and utilizing many of the departments, I feel very comfortable with all phases of my health care. Great facilities, excellent technology and equipment, but most of all, a super staff - medical as well as support staff. I've used other facilities in the past and they don't compare. When I'm at Brodstone, I'm home."
Brodstone Healthcare Patient
"I worked at Brodstone for 4.5 years and it was the best job I ever had! It is a great place to work and everyone is like family."
Lynn Holt - Retired Brodstone Healthcare Employee
"It is rewarding to serve a community who trusts, respects, and appreciates the care I give them. I enjoy working in an environment where I am respected and valued. My co-workers are more than just my “team”, they are a second family. We truly care for each other!"
Amanda S - Brodstone Healthcare Employee
"The treatment we have received at Brodstone has been truly amazing. We are always welcomed with a friendly smile and greeting as we step through the doors. Our family has been blessed to receive outstanding care from Karla and Alisha. While getting seen by these two individuals, we have always felt comfortable, supported, and valued. They make you feel like family. We leave our appointments feeling that we are in the best care. They truly take the time to do what is best for our family."
Mikayla Meyer - Brodstone Healthcare Patient
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