Patients & Visitors

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I asked the same questions at each visit regarding contact information and advance directives?

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) mandates that we ask these questions at each visit. Thank you for your understanding.

Why did I receive two bills?

Your monthly statements include charges from Brodstone Healthcare, Brodstone Family Medical Center – Superior, Brodstone Family Medical Center – Nelson, and Brodstone Family Medical Center – Edgar. Some hospital services provided to patients require consultation of a physician specialist such as a radiologist, surgeon, pathologist or a cardiologist. You will receive a separate statement from these physician specialists in addition to your hospital bill for hospital services.

How can I obtain copies of my medical records?

To obtain copies of your medical records, download and complete an Authorization to Use, Disclose & Access Protected Health Information form and bring it to the Health Information Management Department at Brodstone Healthcare during regular business hours, Monday through Friday 7AM to 4PM. A Spanish version of the form can be found here.

The form can also be completed and mailed to:
Brodstone Healthcare
Attn: Health Information Management
520 E 10th Street, Superior, NE 68978

Emailed to:
Or faxed to: 402-879-3332

Patients of Brodstone Healthcare also have access to their records 24/7 via our Patient Portal, HealtheLife

I don't understand my bill. Who do I contact?

Every insurance company has different criteria related to patient responsibility for their billing. If you have questions about your bill, contact your insurance company directly to understand your patient responsibility or call the Brodstone Healthcare Business Office at 402-879-3281 and press "0" to address those questions.

What are the hours for the Brodstone Family Medical Centers and the Specialty Clinic?

Superior – Monday-Friday 8-5, Saturday 8-12

Nelson – Monday, 8-12, Tuesday 1-4:30, Wednesday 8-5, Thursday 8-12

Edgar – Tuesday 9-5, Thursday 1:30-5, Friday 8-4

Specialty Clinic – Monday-Friday 8-4

Where is admissions located?

The check-in or admissions area is just inside the north entrance. Office hours are Monday through Friday 7-5 and Saturday 8-12. Admissions after-hours report to the emergency entrance.

What specialists are available to see at Brodstone Healthcare? And where can I find their clinic dates?

The Brodstone Specialty Clinic has 30 specialists who hold clinics monthly. A list of specialists can be found here. Their schedule can be found here. An appointment may be made by calling 402-207-1540.

Why did you change your name?

“As we continue to grow and expand services it made sense for us to look at our place in the region and take this opportunity to make our brand consistent and recognizable. The move to Brodstone Healthcare allows us to hold true to who we are by honoring our past, but also modernizes our brand and moves us toward the future, because we are more than just a hospital.” –Treg Vyzourek, CEO

How can I get a copy of my child’s birth certificate?

All birth certificates are issued by the Nebraska Vital Records office. While Brodstone Healthcare does not issue birth certificates, our HIM staff will assist new mothers with completing the necessary information to obtain a birth certificate. To obtain a copy of your Nebraska birth certificate, contact the Department of Health and Human Services Vital Records or call 402-471-2871.