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ADA – HANDICAPPED FACILITY – Brodstone Healthcare actively participates in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Provision of effective aides, benefits, or services, within our capability, shall be provided to individuals with disabilities.

AUXILIARY – The hospital is fortunate to have a dedicated group of volunteers who help make your stay more pleasant. They operate a gift shop on the main floor where merchandise may be purchased. Contact the Business Office or Nurses Station after hours.

BIBLES, MAGAZINES, AND NEWSPAPERS – Bibles, phone books, and newspapers are available upon request.

BALLOONS, MAIL, FLOWERS, AND GIFTS – Mail, flowers, or gifts will be delivered to your room. If you receive mail after you have been discharged, it will be forwarded to your home. If you wish to send mail out, give it to the nurse. Only non-latex balloons are permitted.

CAFETERIA – The cafeteria is located on the first floor and serves meals to employees and visitors. Advance notification is appreciated for guest meals. Payment for guest meals is made to the Dietary Department, at the time meals are served. Meals served at 8:00 a.m., 11:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

CHAPLAIN SERVICES – The Nuckolls County Ministerial Association provides Chaplain Services to Brodstone Healthcare patients on a regular basis and if special needs arise. If you wish your personal minister to be notified of your hospitalization, inform the nurse.

DISMISSAL – Our staff members work together to assist you in making arrangements for your continued care after dismissal. You and your physician will provide information to enable staff to provide you with the appropriate options to meet your needs after hospitalization. For more information contact Social Services or inform your nurse. Patients may receive a telephone call after they return home to make sure they understand all instructions and to give them a chance to ask questions or to schedule a complimentary home visit. They will also be given an opportunity to share thoughts about the care they received.

E-MAIL & INTERNET ACCESS – A computer is located in the 2nd-floor Activities Room for your convenience if you desire to send or read your e-mail during your stay. We also have wireless internet access available for patients and visitors for use with their own computers. Contact Admissions or Nursing Staff for password and login information.

FAMILY SUPPORT – If the family needs to stay with a patient due to critical illness or to help care for the patient (i.e.) pediatric patient, contact the charge nurse for assistance with special needs, such as rockers, recliners, or cot.

ISOLATION – Brodstone staff will utilize various means of personal protective equipment to prevent the spread of germs within our facility. Visitors and patients may be asked to also wear this personal protective equipment. Signs will be posted at the patient doors reminding everyone of the personal protective equipment required. If you are uncertain of the proper procedure, please ask staff members.

NOTARY PUBLIC – If you need papers or documents notarized, the Business Office or Health Information Management can do so for you at no charge.

ORGAN/TISSUE DONATION – We work closely with the Nebraska Organ Retrieval System (NORS) and the Lions Eye Bank of Nebraska to provide information regarding organ and tissue donation to families who have lost a loved one. Due to federal requirements, Brodstone Healthcare must report all deaths. You will not be asked about donating unless NORS determines that your loved one is a candidate for organ/tissue retrieval.

PARKING – Visitors and patients may park in the southeast or north parking lot. Entry doors are locked at approximately 8:30 p.m. If you need assistance after this hour, enter through the south emergency room entrance after pressing the button for admittance. There are handicap spaces located by the north entrance with wheelchairs available for your convenience.

SAFETY is of major concern to every member of the health care team. A Safety Committee meets regularly to consider this topic. Safety is everyone’s job! Brodstone Healthcare has many policies which relate to the safety of patients. Following are a few safety issues of which you should be aware.

All electrical units brought into the hospital by or for patients must be safely inspected by the Maintenance Staff. This can be accomplished by giving them to your nurse, she will have them checked.

Do not be alarmed if you hear a fire or disaster signal, it may be a drill required by law. If an emergency does exist, your nurse and other hospital personnel are trained in appropriate emergency response.

When severe weather threatens the Superior area, hospital personnel have been trained to swiftly move patients to safer areas when conditions warrant. Do not be alarmed. For your safety, we would appreciate your cooperation in working with the staff.

The ID bracelet you were given at the time of admission should be worn throughout your hospitalization. It helps to identify you for medication and treatment purposes. It is important that you tell your doctor, and the hospital nurses, if you have allergies of any kind. A red bracelet will be placed on your wrist showing allergies. A yellow band may be placed on your wrist as a safety alert. Your nurse will explain this to you.

When you arrive in your room, your nurse will review with you any medications you are currently taking. Please tell them at this time of any medicines you have brought with you. Safety is our first concern. All medication brought from home must be given to nursing staff. They will be reviewed and then sent home or kept in the pharmacy until the time of your dismissal.

To help control the spread of infection, visitors should never sit on hospital beds or use patient bathrooms. Never walk in bare feet, slippers are recommended. Certain care items shall not be brought back into the hospital from previous stays.

SMOKING – The hospital is a smoke-free facility. Patients, visitors, and employees are restricted from smoking in the hospital building or on the hospital campus. Your health and safety are our concerns.

SPEAKERS BUREAU – If you belong to an organization that needs a speaker, contact the Public Relations Director at 402-879-3281. We provide speakers on a variety of health and wellness issues and Brodstone services at no charge.

TELEPHONES – All patient rooms are equipped with telephones. When making a phone call, dial 9 3 for an outside line. For a local call dial the ten-digit number. For long-distance dial 0 for an operator who will assist you in making collect calls, credit card calls, or calls charged to your home phone. For toll-free calls dial 1+ the 10 digit number. Family and friends may dial your room directly by calling 402-879-4432 and dialing your room number when the automated voice instructs.

TOURS of Brodstone Healthcre are offered to individuals and groups. If you are interested in a tour, please contact the Public Relations Director at 402-879-3281.

VISITORS – Brodstone Healthcare encourages visitors of all ages to be with patients when the patient can benefit. We believe family involvement in patient care promotes optimum healing. Visitors may remain as long as their behaviors are respectful and conducive to a healing environment. All patients have a right to choose who may visit them during their hospital stay, regardless of whether the visitor is a family member, a spouse, a domestic partner (including a same-sex domestic partner), or another type of visitor, as well as their right to withdraw such consent to visitation at any time. Visitation privileges will not be denied on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability. The need for the hospital to restrict visitation may occur in medically appropriate circumstances.

Concerning Your Stay

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