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Community Wellness

The mission of Brodstone Community Wellness is to provide diverse health and wellness resources to the communities that we serve. Empowering individuals through movement, education, prevention and support.

Below is the Brodstone Community Wellness calendar. To submit a Community Wellness Request to advertise your event on this platform, click HERE

Community Wellness Calendar

If you have any questions about community wellness or have ideas for Brodstone to host a wellness event in your community, contact Jacki Siebecker, Wellness Director at 402-207-1082.

Current Community Wellness Offerings

  • Walking Club 

    • Location-Superior Auditorium

    • Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 9:00-10:00 AM 

    • Free to participate 

  • Moderate/High-Intensity Exercise Classes

    • Location-Superior Auditorium

    • Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 5:30-6:15 AM

    • Free to participate

**Please contact your healthcare provider with any questions or concerns prior to starting a new exercise program**

FireKracker Run | Thursday, July 4th

Other Wellness Services

Immunization Clinic

The Immunization Clinic is held the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Specialty Clinic at the hospital. Use the north entrance and proceed to the Specialty Clinic from the north lobby. No need to check in at admissions. Please call 402-879-4432, ext 5290 for an appointment. A donation of $5.00 per child, per visit is requested. Immunization are for newborns to 18 year old children.

Car Seat Fitting

Car seat fitting stations are held by appointment. To make an appointment, please call 402-879-3281, ext #5273.

Tobacco Cessation

The Tobacco Cessation Program, developed by the American Lung Association, works with dependence on smoking, chewing tobacco and vapor devices. It is a 7 week program and there is no charge for the classes. Please call 402-879-4432, ext. #5170 for a schedule and to sign up for the program.

CPR Classes

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) classes are taught by American Heart Association certified instructors. Classes include Basic Life Support (BLS) and Heartsaver CPR with a first aid option. Heartsaver courses are especially beneficial to day care providers, family members of a heart patient, school personnel or anyone interested in learning how to save a life. Class fees may apply. To schedule a CPR class please call 402-879-4432, ext #5285.

Diabetes Support Group

The Brodstone Diabetes Management Center is designed to teach our patients how to manage their diabetes so they can live a normal and healthy life. Our diabetic education personnel are trained to provide one-on-one and group teaching/counseling to meet the individual needs of our patients. This also includes an individual session with our Registered Dietician.