Patients & Visitors


"Having used Brodstone Healthcare over the past 40 years and utilizing many of the departments, I feel very comfortable with all phases of my health care. Great facilities, excellent technology and equipment, but most of all, a super staff - medical as well as support staff. I've used other facilities in the past and they don't compare. When I'm at Brodstone, I'm home."
Brodstone Healthcare Patient
"I worked at Brodstone for 4.5 years and it was the best job I ever had! It is a great place to work and everyone is like family."
Lynn Holt - Retired Brodstone Healthcare Employee
"It is rewarding to serve a community who trusts, respects, and appreciates the care I give them. I enjoy working in an environment where I am respected and valued. My co-workers are more than just my “team”, they are a second family. We truly care for each other!"
Amanda S - Brodstone Healthcare Employee
"The treatment we have received at Brodstone has been truly amazing. We are always welcomed with a friendly smile and greeting as we step through the doors. Our family has been blessed to receive outstanding care from Karla and Alisha. While getting seen by these two individuals, we have always felt comfortable, supported, and valued. They make you feel like family. We leave our appointments feeling that we are in the best care. They truly take the time to do what is best for our family."
Mikayla Meyer - Brodstone Healthcare Patient