Sandra Borden, Brodstone Healthcare's long-time Chief Financial Officer who recently retired after 45 years of service, was honored with the Nebraska Hospital Association (NHA) Meritorious Service Award this past week. The Meritorious Service Award recognizes the long-term contributions of members to the Association and their individual hospitals. This award recognizes the longevity and breadth of service of an individual, not only to their facility but to health care in the state.

During her 45 year tenure, Sandy’s presence at Brodstone has provided the stability that many organizations envy. She has been a constant through seven CEOs, multiple financial systems, reimbursement changes, hospital names and designations, and expansion projects in the ever-changing healthcare industry. Brodstone Healthcare owes a tremendous amount of financial success to the leadership and guidance of Sandra Borden. Because of her long-term contributions and breadth of service to Brodstone, Sandy makes the perfect candidate for the Meritorious Service Award.

I would like to thank all of the individuals I have worked with throughout the years. They have all helped make Brodstone Healthcare what it is today, a place to go for excellent medical treatment by caring individuals. Thank you to the Nebraska Hospital Association for awarding me this great honor.” – Sandy Borden, NHA Meritorious Service Award Recipient