On Tuesday, Nifty Thrifty manager, Denise Thayer, and volunteers celebrated the announcement of the thrift shops’ 2023 sales, equaling $107,990.72. This impressive number is not possible without the countless hours of volunteer time from the 30+ volunteers at Nifty Thrifty each year.

Nifty Thrifty, located in downtown Superior, is a thrift shop that accepts donated items in good condition for resale. The funds raised annually by the store are donated to the Brodstone Healthcare Foundation and are used to purchase and upgrade equipment throughout the hospital. Since its establishment in 1991, Nifty Thrifty has raised well over one million dollars, most of which has gone to the Brodstone Healthcare Foundation. Over the past decade, the store has raised almost $700,000.

Heather Erickson, Senior Director of Development at Brodstone, expressed gratitude to Denise and the Nifty Thrifty volunteers for their dedication and hard work. “It’s truly incredible the impact that Denise and all of the volunteers at Nifty Thrifty have each year in our community. Their donations to the Brodstone Healthcare Foundation are able to support continued goals of Brodstone as a whole and the care being provided right here in rural Nebraska.”

The Brodstone Healthcare Foundation is a non-profit organization that accepts monetary contributions to enhance and expand healthcare programs and services at Brodstone. The Foundation became a separate 501(c)3 organization in 2020, and its sole goal is to support and carry out the mission of Brodstone Healthcare. In 2023, the Brodstone Healthcare Foundation accepted $120,000 in donations from Nifty Thrifty. For more information on Nifty Thrifty or the Brodstone Healthcare Foundation, please visit www.brodstonehealthcare.org.