The Recognition of Service Excellence (ROSE) Award was established to recognize and commend Brodstone Healthcare employees who demonstrate dedication, compassion, and a strong commitment to service excellence while fulfilling their responsibilities and furthering the mission of Brodstone Healthcare.

The ROSE Award was specifically designed for Brodstone employees who work outside of the inpatient nursing setting and serves as a companion to The DAISY Award. Patients, their families and friends, colleagues, healthcare providers, and community members are all eligible to nominate candidates for this award.

Karla Blackstone has been announced as the first annual ROSE Award recipient for 2024. Karla has worked as a Medical Assistant at Brodstone Family Medical Center - Superior for almost 20 years.

Karla’s nomination read, “When we moved to Superior, we just had gotten pregnant with our second child. We doctored with Alisha Fangmeyer, and have been with her since. Lucky for us, we then get Karla Blackstone too! She has been with us through multiple well-child checkups, sick appts, prenatal appts, post-pregnancy appts, etc. We have four children and just have sick kids a lot! She has helped us every time and our kids have grown to love her! Recently, my son had the stomach flu and I had messaged our doctor about how he couldn’t keep anything down or hadn’t gone to the bathroom all day - basically freaking out. Next thing you know, Karla is messaging me and at our house to check on him. It’s one thing to care for your patients inside the clinic and hospital doors, but it’s another to show that care and compassion at all times. Karla is quite the gem. She and Alisha make a great team and we are so thankful they are in our lives and caring for our family!”

"Karla Blackstone is the epitome of dedicated and compassionate. Her unwavering commitment to patient care and her genuine passion for her profession is truly inspiring,” said Treg Vyzourek, CEO at Brodstone Healthcare. “Karla consistently goes above and beyond, and her exceptional clinical skills are matched only by her kind and empathetic demeanor. We are incredibly fortunate to have Karla on our team at Brodstone, and are thrilled to recognize her as the first annual ROSE Award recipient."

To nominate a Brodstone Healthcare employee for the ROSE Award click HERE