Brodstone Healthcare received notification that they were the recipient of another high-performance award this past week. Brodstone received notification from CLA (Clifton, Larsen Allen) that they were selected as one of the 2020 CLA CAH Gold Standard Performers. This is a new award for the facility and puts Brodstone among the top 44 Critical Access Hospitals in the nation.

The CAH Gold Standard Performance summary is a report that examines publicly available data on more than 1,200 CAHs, which includes financial, quality, patient satisfaction, the total cost of care (TCOC), and county health results from 2015 through 2019. CLA identifies the top CAHs as “Gold Standard Performers” based on their ability to achieve significantly above average performance on all key areas of focus over a sustained period of time, which can help a facility understand how to succeed not just day-to-day, but over the long term.

Brodstone adds this award to their recent list of recognitions including being named a Top 27 Patient Recommended Hospital and a Top 100 Critical Access Hospital.

We are honored to receive yet another award that demonstrates the high standards of excellence and performance at Brodstone. This specific award demonstrates Brodstone Healthcare's ability to perform at a very high level in areas such as financial, quality, patient satisfaction, and total cost of care over the sustained long term. We are excited to be named a Gold Standard Performer and honored to again be named among the top 44 CAH’s in the nation. All of our team works tirelessly to achieve at a very high level and because of that, we are recognized as one of the best in the nation. Without their dedication and selflessness, we could not provide Superior Care Close to Home.” – Treg Vyzourek, Brodstone Healthcare, CEO