Superior, NEIn a collaborative effort to meet the growing childcare needs of Nuckolls County, Brodstone Healthcare, Superior Public Schools, and the City of Superior have joined forces to open a childcare center – Nuckolls County Childcare Center (NC3).

Based on information received from the community needs assessment, internal assessments, and discussions with community stakeholders, the partnership aims to address the essential impact that having adequate childcare options has on the Nuckolls County area. The initiative started as a way to help Brodstone Healthcare and Superior Public Schools grow, retain, and attract talent. Initially, the entities were working together to try to address the needs internally, but an opportunity arose to partner with the City of Superior to acquire and reopen the former Lighthouse Daycare Center in Superior.

NC3 is a newly created 501(c)3 overseen by Board of Directors consisting of school and hospital representatives, and community members with industry experience. The group is currently evaluating the current and future childcare requirements of their staff. This assessment aims to equip the Board with essential information for devising a plan concerning building, facility staffing, future growth opportunities and overall care strategies. Short-term NC3 will provide an additional childcare opportunity for employees of Brodstone Healthcare and Superior Public Schools, but the Board’s long-term goal and hope is to assist in addressing the childcare needs of the area as a whole.

“We understand the immense pressure our working parents face in finding childcare,” said Treg Vyzourek, CEO at Brodstone Healthcare and NC3 Board Member. “NC3 represents our commitment to supporting our staff and is not intended to compete with existing daycare providers, but rather to supplement by offering an additional care option and to meet the needs of our employees and the Nuckolls County area.”

“Our first goal for NC3 is to become sustainable and fill the immediate needs of these two entities,” said John Whetzal, Superintendent for Superior Public Schools. “Once that has been accomplished, the NC3 Board of Directors will reassess the need and explore other options contingent on available resources.”

Additional information regarding a timeline and enrollment will be provided as the project progresses.